Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Creator Is Feminine & Men, Her Failed Experiment?

Without wasting any time getting to the point; all you have to do is look around this world and observe MAN’s incredible inhumanity towards all life upon this planet to know that God — the Supreme Being — if such a singular entity exists, must be a Woman/Divine Feminine and Men, a goddamn experiment that went horribly wrong.
Not saying all men are bad, but the male race/species in general has clearly proven to be a disastrous invention for the Earth as well as the notion of peace and goodwill towards one another.
Think about it; there are actually men living on the planet right now, who believe their god approves of chopping off heads and the mass murder of those who refuse to convert. In South Africa there are a "reported" 1,000 rapes per/day in a country the size of Texas. Some believe the actual numbers are five times higher. We're talking about the rape of children as young as 3-years old.
Not saying all women are perfect, but understand, I’m not really speaking about the actual physical Woman. This is a conversation about quantum vibrations such as imagination, compassion, unconditional love, and joy that are heart-centered emotional signals, sent to the physical processing instrument — the brain — triggering it to produce the proper chemical cocktails designed to support that feeling. 
Of course MEN are capable of expressing qualities of the Divine Feminine when they have become enlightened about what it really means to be a Human MAN on Earth, living in harmony with all LIFE.
The Divine Feminine vibration and all the attending qualities of such, promote harmony. Conversely, as is evidenced by simply observing the current state of this world, the vibration of MAN and all the attending dense vibrations of discord, which HE seeds through violence, politics, financial inequality, and the constant struggle to survive, diminishes the quality of the Natural Human Beings lives and causes disharmony.

It’s that simple.

The Divine Feminine is the Collective Consciousness of ALL there is, possessing the ability to manifest and sustain LIFE in it’s highest, most perfect vibration. How do we define perfection? Perfection is harmony – peace. Our state of perfection, as the collective consciousness on Earth, is attained when WE live in harmony with all the vibrations of LIFE upon and within the Earth. In doing so, WE transmit the vibrations of Love and gratitude for our being-ness, which is absorbed by the Earth instrument — mind — triggering the proper chemical cocktails to support, manifest, and sustain the desires of the collective consciousness in the form of Human entities upon and within the Earth Mother.
Men have set up a system upon the earth where Natural Human beings are sowed the seeds of want, need, scarcity, and must pay for their food, shelter, and health, while the system callously creates new ways to steal their wealth, shelter, and health from them.
As a result, it could be said, through general observation, that the MAN experiment on planet Earth has been a complete and absolute failure.
There's an old saying Freemasons and most occult societies pay homage to: as is above, so below & vice-versa. Everywhere you look the female of the species is birthing life from stars in the Milky Way to queen ants, the seeds of life are associated with the Feminine. Which came first, the male or the female? Sorry, but in my opinion the Adam and Eve story about god removing a rib from the man to create woman is just plain childish, and clearly derived from male propaganda.
Besides, the entire notion that God is a male entity, completely falls apart via the 'word of God' the minute a virgin has a baby — Mary, being the virgin birthing a male child, Jesus.
Boom! A woman creates a man, without a man — period the end! And Not just any man, a man a whole bunch of people believe is/was God, or the son of God. Throughout history the story of the virgin birth preceding the intervention of a god into our reality, has been told over and over again in mythology with a different cast of characters. Horus was said to be the parthenogenetic child of the Virgin Mother, Isis.
But the bottom line is simple; the woman who births a God without a MAN, must be a God. As above, so below. And just as with everything else MEN refuse to come to grips with whenever they’re lacking an explanation for something they can’t understand, they take the easy way out. God knocked up Mary and Isis. This is easier, safer to believe, instead of conceding to their power as Gods on Earth, bringing forth a MAN to straighten the rest of them out.

Because, (hold on to your hats) only a WOman is capable of Birthing the PERfect MAN!

For me, everything makes sense about why we are here — the state of our world, and how to fix it, if the Creator is Feminine as apposed to the God of Death, MEN worship.
They want the rest of us to believe we are sinners for not wanting to get our hands bloody and that others must die for rejecting the horror their gods represent.
It makes sense on many levels, particularly when we consider that Curiosity is a Divine quantum quality as well as the catalyst for Creating/Manifesting. Asking questions, exploring the innumerable facets of Self discovery, giving of self to others, and sharing the Joy of Life, while erasing the lines between Creator and Created, are Divine Feminine qualities. Submitting one's self to the evolution of Divine energy fractals working their way towards oneness, while maintaining the sovereign individualized piece of the Whole is a Divine Feminine quality.
Compare it to the money, power, control paradigm employed on earth, which has at it's core the abuse of women, children, animals, and the earth. These are innate qualities being expressed in the vibration of physical MEN acting from the MIND.
Of course SHE saw within the original un-manifested vision, MAN'S failure as a result of HIS destructive, discordant nature, because in reality, SHE is HE in the opposite form and vibration. As such, HE is the catalyst for HER being able to feel emotions that lead to a fuller understanding of SELF for the sake of the collective consciousness. She/Creator, needed to feel pain, anxiety, hatred, fear, loss, joy, love, sex, and even death through externalized physical experiences, with an eye toward evolving the physical MALE vibration into that of an equal co-creative partner within the quantum aspect of ALL there is — SHE is.
HER only question was/is: Will the journey's end/new beginning be worth the personal sacrifice — the pain required to heal the MALE vibration? She would have to endure rape, destruction, and being thought of as less than Man, to save Men. It was a sacrifice that she fully embraced. Thus, the AGE of MEN began, because SHE discovered there is more to learn about self on Earth in one day, as the result of a single failed relationship, then learning from a perspective of perfection for a billion and one years.
The God of Death, is the God, MEN worship, and it has a grip upon this Earth. We see it in murderers, war, greed, imperialism, money, power, control, addictions, lack of compassion, hatred for the poor and the very source of our existence — our HOME the EARTH, and ALL LIFE upon and within HER.
We are literally mentally and spiritually unstable as a race called Humans, when We seek to destroy the very ground beneath our feet. The worship of LIFE above ALL else, is the LOVE of the LIFE in us ALL — as above, so below.
The seeds of LIFE ARE found within the Divine Mother, the WOMAN, the WIFE, The Sisters of us all. Only the mentally ill of spirit believe in gods who are anti-LIFE — anti-woman.
Therefore, WE are NOT sinners, but rather sojourners on a path to becoming the apple of our Mother's EYE

Herman Williams III