Friday, July 26, 2013

When Black Teens Attack

In the wake of all the “Justice for Trayvon” madness, we have yet another non-black citizen, being attacked by a vicious group of Black teens in Baltimore’s, Little Italy. The video is here…

**Update July 29, 2013 ** This article was just posted on the Drudge Report today...

Again, I reference the word Black teens to illustrate the “Disease Called Blackness,” as the single mitigating factor in incidents such as this. 

Merriam Webster’s online dictionary defines the word black thusly:

5 a: characterized by the absence of light <a black night>

b: reflecting or transmitting little or no light <black water>

6 a: thoroughly sinister or evil: wicked <a black deed>

b: indicative of condemnation or discredit <got a black mark for being late>
7: connected with or invoking the supernatural and especially the devil <black magic>
a: very sad, gloomy, or calamitous <black despair>

b: marked by the occurrence of disaster <black Friday>

9: characterized by hostility or angry discontent: sullen <black resentment filled his heart>

Anyone, or group of people who embraces this word to define themselves are demanding that society and the universal energies of Love and Harmony treat them as if they are all of the above. Period, the end!

By, Herman Williams III, a.k.a. Homam P. Stanly