Monday, January 12, 2015

5 reasons why "Black Pride" is always Racist!

In response to Salon's 5 reasons "white pride" is always racist


1) Blackness is an ideology not a fact, and is an artificial sociological construct created by racist people of color in the 1950s & 1960s -- particularly the Black Nationalist Movement, the Nation Of Islam, Stokley Carmichael who was a devout racist, and the Black Panther Party, which he helped organize, but left because it wasn't Black enough. "We're gonna start a movement based on the color of our skins" S. Carmichael. The Black power movement ushered in 50-years of the worst Black on Black violence, self-segrigation, and affirmative action.

2) Throughout the last 50-years of history many individuals have been lumped into the racist ideology of Blackness, who are in fact multiracials, like President Obama & Mulattoes. 

3) It is sponsored by devout racists/race-baiters like the Rev. Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, the Black Panthers, Azealie Banks, and most inner city blacks who use the word nigga in a single day, more than all the KKK members over the last 400 years.

4) In terms of where "Black pride" is used: pretty much in every phase of America living where people of color exist

5) The results of Black Pride since the 1960s, is a complete rejection of education (50-65% of Black inner city teens young adults are illiterate) the rise of Black on Black murder (millions of Blacks murdered, shot, maimed) the rise of blacks selling addictive, destructive drugs to blacks. As well as Gangsta rap, ebonics, and the continual blaming of whites/society for all the self-imposed ills facing so-called Black people in America, and the refusal to stop looking backwards, reinvestigating slavery, instead of preparing for the future. As well as the rise of racist institutions like Black History Month, Black History museums, and HuffPo's Black Voices.

For more add-free info: Black Culture, an Ideology Built on Racism