Thursday, January 23, 2014

White History Month?

Did you know that George Washington's birthday falls in the same month as the racist celebration we refer to as, Black History Month?

Think about it; the conquest of America was, in fact, an Anglo-Saxon's dream come true. Order out of chaos -- their belief in selves as the superior race above all men on Earth. A belief in the destiny of a people to rule the earth, which many believe is a fait accompli, as we speak.
So my point is, these people could have easily designated the month of February, as White History Month, and not a single White American in the 1700s would have batted an eyebrow. Hell, they would still be having White History Month parades a-marching down the Main Streets of America, with people of all colors dressed in period clothing, (Negroes as slaves of course) celebrating the Emancipation of America from those greedy Brits and all the great White men who helped make it possible.  
But no…. even the cruel, slave-trading/beatin'/lynching/Jim Crowin' evil Anglo-Saxons had a limit to their audacity as rulers of the world. They Just assumed everyone knew that every day was White History Day, "Why do we need to celebrate it? We're living it," they would say amongst themselves. 
And then along came the Negro -- feeling low about his position in a country that simply wanted them to go away after slavery. "Go back to the lands we kidnapped you from, please! You're free! We can't stand to see you walking around acting like you're a man, let alone a human being!" they would rage. 
Everyone from Chief Justice Taney, to Abraham Lincoln, to a majority of the Democratic Party only 60 years ago, repeated the mantra over and over again; "Whites and Negroes will never live in harmony upon this soil. Whether you're Emancipated or not, we despise you in any other position other than that of a servant. You will never be equal to us!" 
Meanwhile the Negro carried on. Thurgood Marshall lead the fight that made it possible for the current man in the White House to be a lawyer today. He also made it possible for all Negroes to get the one thing that could change their lives forever -- an equal education.
Momentum from Brown v. Board of Ed, lead to an over-all fight for Civil Rights, but the voices of reason lost out to the soul stealing ideology of Blackness and Capitulating Negroes.  
The Capitulators were Negroes who would use religion, (his former masr's religion of death and waiting for Saviors) social unrest, protest marches, and endless meetings with a Southern White President, from the most racist state in the Union. Why... to hammer out the terms of surrender for his people over to masr' Uncle Sam, and Johnson's Great Society. 
The Capitulating Negroes thought it was best to let Christianity lead their people to the Promised Land, rather than the Law of the Land, our Constitution, that had been so successful for Thurgood in 1954.
Which is fitting, when you consider this is the year 2014. After 60-years of Black History, Black Studies, African American Museums, Black Caucasuses; the erecting of statues to commemorate various Black icons and leaders, as well as a multiracial in the White House, thirty-five to fifty-five percent of inner city teens and young adults can't even read! They're illiterate! What? How does that happen?

It's called the de-evolution of a people.

Of course Black people will blame it on? "The White man wouldn't let me have books!" a real quote from only a few weeks ago. I had to remind him; "Yeah, back in the sixteen hundreds." 
"Black History Month; it's only one month out of the year," a so-called Black man complained to me the other day. "Why can't we have just one month?"
Because it is just as racist, as a White History Month would be! It promotes separation. Looking backwards. Not a single American living today suffered under slavery, or owned a slave. Any thoughts placed at the feet of something that happened 300 years ago, keeps the heart, mind and soul locked in a perpetual malaise of endless sorrow over something you never experienced. You keep reliving it through someone else's words, which triggers genetic memories that keep the internal codes to past anger, sorrow, hopelessness, and enslavement of the mind, as fresh as if slavery was still happening today. 
Focus should be placed on that which is vital for the survival of a once proud people; every month is American History Month! There wouldn't be an America -- an Anglo-Saxon's dreams come true, without Negroes!
Every advancement of the Anglo-Saxon/America frontier relied upon the greatest free labor force ever assembled. Two thirds of every product exported by this country was produced by slave labor. There would not have been an industrial revolution in America without the Negro.
To claim only one month out of 12 -- the shortest month of all, as if you must be relegated to the back of some historical bus, is merely a capitulation to the ideology of ignorance, death and inferiority, which by the way is called, Black Culture.
Every American has his/her own distinct Social Security Number. It means you come into this particular system as an individual, and everything that you do from the moment you are born, until the day you die is on you! We make it through the maze with the help of like- minded persons. How we relate to others is crucial. Forming partnerships to achieve a common goal is vital. Now more than ever is the time to reach across the divide for a helping hand, or to help someone. The ones' helping and needing help don't always look like us, but they are Americans locally, and human beings on the macro. 
So what we should be celebrating -- and by WE, I mean those whom the Anglo-Saxon's said would never live in harmony with our neighbors -- is the one thing they said WE could NEVER DO!
Live in harmony with each other and our fellow Americans. These times when things seem most bleak, are actually moments of great opportunity to learn how to create streams of revenue by providing valuable services to those with larger streams of revenue. 

What ever happened to striving to be the best human beings WE can possibly be?

Or how about becoming valuable members of society.

And for God's sake, don't let anybody ever tell you the Constitution of these United States has lost its importance. It is the reason we’re all here upon this soil.

Countdown To a Racist Celebration…Black History Month 

By, Herman Williams III, a.k.a., Homam P. Stanly