Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nigga/Nigger -- Stop it!

“Madonna straight f**ked up” when she dropped the N-word online in a shout-out to her son ... so says the rapper Nelly, who tells TMZ, "She need to get her sh*t right." He was asked about Madge's super-controversial Instagram post... the one where she referred to her white son Rocco as a "n**ga."

There are times I feel like we are living in a "Twilight Zone."

Let's see: Blacks have been calling each other, Ni*gers & Ni*gas since the late 1960s, because they were getting tired of white people owning the insult, so they decided to take possession of it, convincing other Negroes/Colored people that being called a Ni*ger was a good thing.

Around the same time, Negroes/Colored people decided to embrace another word that had been used as an insult for 400 years by the Dutch and British slave traders… the word Black, which was a term used in commerce to describe: a subhuman savage from the continent of Africa that would make a perfect slave for the colonies.

You see, anyone born after 1970, whether you're Black, White, Brown, or Green, doesn't understand that a time existed when people of color took being called Black, as an insult, let alone being called a ni*ger, by anyone!

All WE really wanted was to be seen as human beings… men and women, like everyone else.

The racist ideology of Blackness spawned; Gangsta Rap, Ebonics, incredible numbers of murders, the debasement of a people, destruction of neighborhoods, inferiority, and a complete disaster!

In 3 days a racist celebration begins to embrace the disaster, which is Black Culture. Yeah, it's only 1 month, but it is the month that divides! Every month is American History Month. Every single event that has happened upon this soil since the birth of this Nation, is part of American History.

Thurgood Marshall understood how important it was for people of color to just be seen as Americans, availing themselves of the same "Laws of the Land" the Constitution, that every man, woman and child has at their disposal, as Citizens of these United States.

"I am not a ni*ger, ni*ga, Black, or African American. And I do not recognize the racist celebration that seeks to separate me, or any other American from another."

I am a citizen of the United States of America- period the end!

How about you?


By, Herman Williams III, a.k.a., Homam P. Stanly