Wednesday, October 1, 2014

No Black People On Planet Earth

I AM NOT... a BLACK Man -- I Am, a HU-man -- a member of a race called

 The Natural Human Beings

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There are No Black people 

living on planet Earth

Only people of color.

We have color, 

because we are made

from the very essence 

of this planet we live upon, called Earth.

We are in fact, dirt, air, minerals,

water, electricity, proteins...

We are living machines into which 

Prime Creator makes an abode.

We are the Life, and the Light.

We are eternal.


Blackness is not an identity,

it is an ideology of hatred

invented by Anglo-Saxons

to denote a people they perceived as

inferior -- less than human --

slaves -- servants -- scum.

To be hu-man is the greatest gift

in ALL of creation. 

It means that you ARE Prime Creator 

in the form of a man/woman with the 

ability to discover this secret of all secrets.

It means that you and only you chose...

to participate in this experiment here

on planet Earth. 

And the experiment is over, when WE Hu-man beings

wake up and take back our planet!

Wake UP, Humans!