Thursday, October 9, 2014

Millennials -- Run From Blackness!

When Raven Symone told Oprah, and the world, "I'm not an African American, I'm an American," my heart literally soared like an Eagle dancing upon a zephyr to hear it from the mouth of a woman who represents this current generation, that race doesn't matter. 

And Raven isn't the first millennial of color to offer up such brilliance. I have had the honor to commune with hundreds on this topic this year alone, thousands over the course of the last 10 years. 

Understand, I've spent the last 47 years of my existence on Earth, focused on race and deconstructing the racist ideology of Blackness that sprang from a collective frustration, not from a position of strength, or even a sound philosophical foundation. 

Outside of the ghettos, kids and young adults of all races are getting it! They didn't have to live through the race riots of the 1950s and 1960s. They haven't had the experience of not being able to use a public bathroom, because of the color of their skin. The National Guard didn't have to escort them to schools. And that's ok. Many have friends from all races and ethnicities, along with a wealth of incredible information available at the touch of a finger, and new ways of communicating with each other. 

And you know what -- they don't have to be reminded of the past, because they are creating the future right now! They don't even have to pay homage to those who came before them, or slavery, Civil Rights marching, or old-headed Negroes who say, "our struggles made it possible for the Raven Symones!" 

Leave them alone! 

In fact, stop teaching them about Negroes from the past, and all this so-called Black history and Black this and Black that, which amounts to a big black pit that's nearly impossible to escape from. None of it will prepare them for the challenges facing all millennials of all races on planet Earth, right here, right now! Their biggest problem is Baby Boomers who are still in charge in politics, and governments, who stick to solving all our problems the old-fashioned way, through religion, war and domination, power, secrets, and control for the sake of making money! 

Think about it -- they've put you in debt for years to come, over what? The absolute basics in life -- an education! Really?

The world has changed so much over the last 50 years, but Black Culture is still stuck in the past. Run from Black Culture as fast as you can, young people! Run towards a future that only you can create where race is not an issue, but the quality of the HU-man being is. These Baby Boomer Blacks want to drag you down with them, even though their way has FAILED miserably. Toss aside your Black history, your roots, and all symbols of the past, and embrace this MOMENT free from all the bullshit that doesn't belong to you right here, right now. Educate yourselves for the world of the future, because that's what you in fact, ARE. 

These Baby Boomers will soon be gone, and you'll be running this world. Don't wait for them to exit, start pushing them out now, with your intellect and creative ideas that will solve a myriad of social ills. 

MY LAST WORD: THEY... say, if the Fergonite Blacks don't get their way and an indictment isn't handed down, then there's gonna be violence. Hey Fergonites, don't you realize you can sue the police department in a class action lawsuit, if you believe the community has been wronged. No need for marching and protesting, just hire lawyers! This is what civilized people do. 

Just a suggestion, don't let me stand in the way of showing your Black pride and love for -- as one of your fellow Fergonites exclaimed, "A dead nigga, laying in the street."