Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Schmoes Defending Cosby

I have always found it profoundly fascinating just how silly the public becomes whenever a celebrity is accused of committing a crime. So this little ditty is dedicated to the insufferable Schmoes out there, you know who you are — the guys defending Bill Cosby — you would be in jail right now, if even one woman came out and said you drugged and fondled her, let-alone raped her. But let some creep-ball, loony toons so-called "America's dad," which is f'ing creepy enough as it is, considering it was ALL AN ACT, drug, fondle, rape, and humiliate and the boo-birds start to chirping and defending, "Oh no, these women must be lying! They want publicity — money! Bill Cosby is a saint and could never do such a thing!"
This celebrity worship in America is really getting disgusting folks! Did you ever consider that just maybe, these women are finally getting an opportunity to speak up, because for years no one would listen to them! No one cared, or would give their painful recounting of events and accusations an airing, because everyone knows, 'you can't go around accusing America's dad of the of the most despicable acts of betrayal.' But what these folks are really saying is that Bill Cosby and the other celebrity creeps like him, are BETTER THAN YOU!
What makes his actions worse, in my opinion, is this type of deprived behavior reveals a heartless, weak, and mentally unbalanced coward who is actually afraid of, has very little respect for, and despises women. Despises them to the point that he would humiliate and violate them while unconscious, as in can't move — don't know it's happening — no one to judge him.
And no, Whitey ain't trying to bring a Black man down! The media isn't persecuting him — they're finally doing their fucking jobs! The same job you would want them to do if it was your sister, your girlfriend, or your mother for god's sake.
Yes, we have all the compassion in the world for his wife Camille, who will be trotted out before the cameras boldly standing by her man, but the truth is: isn’t family always the last to know? It's called Cognitive Dissonance, or the act of not dealing with a truth that’s too horrible to imagine — better to just deny it happened. Why, because the creepier the cat, the more expert they are at hiding it from the ones who think they know them best!

Who would be surprised if a month from now, or a year, Camille leaves him in shame? But listen up you loyal Doubters, the very first rule of thumb when a person feels like they have been slandered is what, especially, if you're a Big Star like Bill Cosby? You sue the crap out of the person who has made the outrageous slanderous remarks, right? So, where's Bill Cosby's suit against Hannibal Buresss?