Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Blacks Do Need A Lecture -- About Capitulation, Smiley

Tavis Smiley's appearance on Sean Hannity, December 8, 2014 in which he proclaimed, "Black folks don't need lectures," referring president Barack Obama's stint on BET deserves comment. But first, here's more of what he had to say;

"Respectfully; when you tell them that these things take time... stop telling black folk they['ve] got to wait, and that these things take time... Number two, Mr. President, respectfully, when you say we can't compare what's happening now to what happened fifty years ago, tell that to the parents of these kids who are being gunned down in America's streets. It is open season on black men, and it is in many ways as bad as it was fifty years ago."

Ahhhhh....! (Me screaming) If it's as bad as it was 50-years ago Tavis, then whose fault is that? 

I can't help but hear the words of William H. Hastie, the first Negro Federal Judge, and mentor to one of the greatest HU-man beings of the modern era, Thurgood Marshal, Chef Justice of the United States Supreme Court when he said in 1934;

"For 50-years prejudiced white men and abject, boot-licking, gut-lacking, knee bending, favor-seeking Negroes have been insulting our intelligence with a tale that goes like this. Segregation is not evil. Negroes are better off by themselves. They can get equal treatment and be happier too, if they live and move and have their being off by themselves." 

The World Of Justice Thurgood Marshall, by Carle T. Rowan Little Brown 1993 pg.63
You see folks, if you really want to understand why Black people are still fighting for equal treatment, equal rights, and are marginalized from the rest of the civilized world, literally murdering and victimizing each other with such callus disregard that would make an ISIS Caliphate cringe, all you have to do is listen to people like the Tavis Smileys, Al Sharptons, Michael Eric Dysons, and Jessie Jacksons in this country pontificating about Ferguson. Things haven't changed much since William H. Hastie first called out their ilk. 

It's almost gotten to the point of insanity, with the so-called Black intelligentsia desperate to disavow any and all responsibility Blacks hold for creating the hellish conditions we see acting out in poor Black neighborhoods across this country. The reality of the situation is that for the last 50-years, inner city Black communities have been the most violent, trash-ridden, drug infested, murderous, broken down bastions of this society, rivaling the worst war torn countries of the world, especially in the (self-inflicted) body-count department. Perfect example; from an on-line article published by Crime Wire titled "Chiraq—How Chicago Became The Deadliest City In America," by Jessica Ruana  

"The name Chiraq first emerged after it was widely reported that more people had been murdered in Chicago in the last decade than the number of American troops killed in Afghanistan since the beginning of Operation Enduring Freedom. According to WND news, “Between 2003 and 2011, 4,265 people were murdered in the city of Chicago. In 2012 alone, 512 people were murdered in the city.” The death toll has continued to climb in 2013, as Chicago officially became the murder capital of the United States. Compare that to, “Operation Enduring Freedom, the name for the war in Afghanistan, which started Oct. 7, 2001, has seen a total of 2,166 killed.” These numbers generated many headlines proclaiming that Chicago was officially more deadly than an active war zone. . . hence the disturbing new nickname, Chiraq.

If you calculated all the Blacks murdered, shot, stabbed, and robbed by Blacks over the last 50-years, the numbers would surpass all the United States servicemen and women killed in every war this country has fought since the the 1930s. Into this disaster, White police officers tread each day, (who else would want the job?) and for the most part, treat the citizens there a whole hell of a lot better than the drug dealers and gang members treat their own kind. 

Ferguson...? Please... look how quickly that city resorted to lawlessness when Michael Brown was shot? In such a city, only the rarest type of white guy is gonna work there as a cop in the first place. A place where he must put his own life on the line to "serve and protect," in a veritable war zone! They don't necessarily have to hate black people, but they're certainly not there looking to be bosom buddies. It doesn't take a genius to know this. 

And yes, Tavis Smiley in 2014 it is imperative that a young Black male be told by his mother, friends, and the corner grocery store clerk how to behave around this rare White male police officer, with a gun, when he gives you instructions. At least until we can figure out another way to turn things around. But first we must change the direction of this conversation back to its source -- the Black community. 

The Tavis Smiley's of America want to completely ignore the fact that Black people have spent the last 50-years self-segregating and proving to everyone on planet earth that they can be an angry, violent, callus, murderous, and lawless lot in the ghetto. Most people living in Americans (including Blacks) -- no wait, from around the entire world have gotten the message, and are afraid of/weary of ghetto blacks, especially their more violent version in the form of poorly raised teenagers!

This is a fact! I have spoken to countless foreigners new to Baltimore, from all over this world and the first thing they ask me is about the dangerous places to avoid -- meaning; "where are the Blacks?" Retail establishments in certain parts of the city loath to see young Black teens entering their establishments -- meaning, they prefer to see Blacks spending their money elsewhere. 

In the same interview, Tavis Smiley's outraged references to Darren Wilson calling Michael Brown a demon, is 100-times better than what Michael was called every day of his life, by his peers -- a nigga! A white man referring to a Black person as a demon means he was afraid of him, and Black people, insanely, want to blame white people for being afraid -- really?

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By the way, one of the definitions of the word black is evil/demonic. So I should make a note at this juncture, of my horror when a people of color, chose to collectively identify themselves as a Black people 50-years ago. Black -- one of the most negative words in the English language. If you call yourself something long enough, eventually you will manifest all the qualities associated with said identity. 'But all those negative definitions are the white man's definition of the word, and not how I define myself,' is the party line of Blacks. The only response can be, "Every word we use to define ourselves in America, comes from the WHITE MAN'S LANGUAGE, it's called English -- the Anglo-Saxons invented the whole concept of Black people being the most inferior creatures on planet earth! 

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All of this nonsense goes back even further to the early 1900s and the Negroes original sin in America, under the banner of what was called the Amenia Conference, in which the Negro intelligentsia voted in favor of promoting the separatists and racist agenda of Cultural Nationalism for the America negro. They basically voted in favor of the white man's most precious dream -- that niggers would just, "live and move and have their being off by themselves," away from White people, which by proxy would keep the Negro separated into two basic classes -- "boot-licking, gut-lacking, knee bending, favor-seeking Intelligentsia Negroes," profiting from the white man's largess, while feeding from the carcasses of ghetto Negroes, just like their masr'.

This is what happens when a conquered people spend the first couple hundred years living amidst the very people who hate them -- you start acting like the former masr' towards your own kind, believing everything the masr' said about you. Next thing you know, all that remains of whatever pride and determination that once existed, falls by the wayside when you embrace an ideology of separation and racism called Blackness, which has built into the very language used to describe self, capitulation to the white man's power. 

Ergo, Black people no longer have to take responsibility for their own actions. 

Meanwhile, the greatest tragedy facing so-called Black people in the twenty-first century, has absolutely nothing to do with the numbers of young Black men getting shot by police officers! Rather, the epic disaster facing Black people for the future, are the 50-70 percent of Black teens who have decided to commit social and economic suicide by not learning to read or write!

If every police officer in America stopped shooting Blacks today -- immediately, it wouldn't save a single one of the millions of Black teens who can't read! So once again, Blacks are off getting played by a system that is probably using the protests, as cover for a major f-ing the whole nation is getting behind the scenes. And the Black intelligentsia is right there doing what they do best -- capitulating/surrendering/bowing down, preaching the same tired bullshit that has actually done infinitely more harm than good, putting another Smiley face on a f-ed up situation! 

And they call me crazy?