Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Blackness Is Antithetical To Life

I really hate to be the one constantly harping on this, but understand that we, a people of color, have only called ourselves Black for the last 50 years. Think about it — humans have been on planet earth — the universe, for ga-billions of years and only now, in the last 50-years of HUman existence a people have identified themselves as Black and actually moved backwards in time. 
You’ll want to hate me, for speaking the obvious without holding back, but if you just take a few minutes to read this essay, The Disease Called Blackness you too may come to realize that we must fix one of the most devastating decisions ever  the moment one of the greatest people on earth, chose to become the personification of defeat.
Blackness is NOT a fact, it is a racist, separatist, IDEOLOGY 
We are so much more than this. Our identities should speak to the future and be symbiotic with who and what we are individually, as well as the collective family of Humanity we are a part of  not some ideology created from the depths of despair and frustration fifty years ago. 
Believe me, I have absolutely nothing to gain for taking the opposite stand against an ideology that most so-called Black people merely accept. I could sell a hell of a lot more books being nice and going along with the crowd, instead of pissing people off. But someone has to open the door. 
Fifty years is long enough to suffer for the mistakes of the past, isn't it? Life is not about suffering, no matter what anyone tells you. We choose to suffer when we believe in things that we don't understand, which manifest energies into the very subatomic particles of our beings that are antithetical to life. 
Herman Williams III