Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Proof, It Had Nothing To Do With The Police


Freddy Grey

Now that the Freddy Grey protests have died down and a semblance of order has been restored in Baltimore City... uh, NOT!

Freddy Grey was a mask, an illusion of public outrage over the death of a Black man, at the hands of people we’re supposed to believe are vicious, murderous policemen, intent upon persecuting an entire race of law-abiding citizens. For god’s sake, the Freddy Grey disaster was caught on camera for the whole world to see! Didn’t these policemen know; “Black Lives Matter” damn-it? 

Yeah, to everyone but Black people, it seems.

As it turns out, the actual vicious, murderous thugs responsible for the deaths of more Black people than the police, the Ku Klux Klan, war, famine, or natural disasters are Blacks. It’s amazing we can actually find human beings brave enough to put on a police uniform and volunteer to risk their lives, stepping into some of the most dangerous neighborhoods on planet earth. We’re talking about a citizenry armed to the nines, against men who are ill trained to deal with an urban combat environment, in which children will murder each other for a diss, or a dime bag of weed. 
Since the post, Freddy Grey shhhh… “Police, slowdown” that we’re told is not happening, but everyone knows is going down as we speak; the lax police presence has given Black people a chance to get back to their favorite pastime — exterminating each other. The irony of the current rise in the murder rate and the Freddy Grey protests — it’s directly related the absence of police officers saving Black people from murdering each other. 
They never get credit for all the lives they save. Small acts of heroism hardly ever make the Top 10 lists on Youtube. But you can’t blame police officers for backing off. First they’re asked to put their lives on the line, and now people expect them to put their jobs on the line as well? They weren’t hired to be Officer Friendlies — they are dispatched to areas where crime is taking place. For whatever reason one wants to attribute, poor Black neighborhoods are where most of the crime is taking place. I have my own thoughts, which I have written about an ad-nauseam, but the mainstream isn’t interested in hearing from me. 
The ideology of Blackness has brought us to this juncture in time where old-headed Negroes keep saying, “The Freddy Grey riots remind me of the Dr. King riots.” And I say, therein lies the true source of all the maladies affecting a once eloquent people. 1968 was the year a people of colored officially, collectively, became a Black people, and it’s been down hill ever since. 
No, the problem isn’t with the police, it is with the failed, racist ideology called Blackness, that has fostered an angry, violent, illiterate underclass, and stunted the growth of a people for the last fifty years. 
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